Monday, 27 May 2013

Dublin, Ireland...

En Route to Dublin
The cutest seaside town Bray, Ireland. 

First sip of the real Irish Guinness
A pretty fancy Granola breakfast for my old man
Obsessed with this family-business run shop Avoca, that is famous around Ireland
The yummiest Lunch available to takeout from Avoca's delicatessen
Teacup art hanging in Avoca Tearooms

A famous statue that i have forgotten the name of..

So excited to stumble across Ladurée whilst in
Brown Thomas i bought far too many treats!!
Sun, Sea and Sand
My parents are cute
Sunshine strolls down the beach
The breakfast that would either make or break my insane Irish hangover
...and made me! 
Farewell for now Ireland, see you another time...

feeling far from fresh... Ireland has killed us!
Drinks for the journey home

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